Outfit Of The Day - Leopard and Louboutin

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What I'm Wearing - Zara Fur Coat // Primark Black Polo Neck // Zara Pink Trousers // Next shoes
What Rhys is wearing - Zara Blazer // Zara Shirt // River Island Jeans // Red or Dead Shoes // Christian Louboutin Clutch
On Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (blog coming soon). My date for the evening was the dapper Rhys.

I had known about the event for a couple of weeks, but as per usual left it until the night of the event to decide what to wear. Lesson learned - don't leave it until the last minute again! I tried to go for a more minimalist look and ended up just feeling really boring.

I think the trousers were the reason for me not loving the outfit. I have such a love/hate relationship with them, such a gorgeous colour but they just don't sit right on me. I expect they don't sit well on anyone else either since there were so many left over in the sale. I would say that is another lesson learned but this little leopard print fur was another Zara sale bargain and I love it! And yes I am doing that really annoying blogger thing and not putting my arms in the sleeves - sorry Lyn :)

The black polo and pointy black shoes are wardrobe essentials and I have no doubt you will be seeing them loads on here.

Now can we all stop for a second and appreciate Rhys's outfit......... hello Christian Louboutin clutch! Never invite a man out with better accessories than you, unless you want to spend the whole night insanely jealous! Rhys was looking amazing!!! He knows how to put together a look!

The fashion show was a great success and I can't wait to share all the fun from the evening with you soon. Here is a sneak peek from the night.

Until next time - lots of love, peace and sparkles........
All photographs taken by Rhys Smith and myself.