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Fashion / Latest Trends - 11 months ago


                                                                    Thursday morning Coffee                           Hot Lemon Water at my desk, in my attempt to stop drinking as much Coffee…                                                     ...

Fashion / Latest Trends - 1 year ago

When Did We Stop Being Nice In Real Life?

A few years, whilst visiting New York, I remember being really surprised at how many compliments I received on a huge, orange shaggy jacket that I was wearing. Staff in stores and people in the street were stopping me to compliment it. I was surpr...

Fashion / Latest Trends - 1 year ago

Becoming A Better Version Of Myself - Part One

I was unsure if this post would ever go live. I was worried people might be offended by it. Talking about subjects such as weight and diets can be very a difficult subject. Then I spoke to the lovely Heather who reassured me by saying "this is you...