When Did We Stop Being Nice In Real Life?

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A few years, whilst visiting New York, I remember being really surprised at how many compliments I received on a huge, orange shaggy jacket that I was wearing. Staff in stores and people in the street were stopping me to compliment it. I was surprised, but I also loved it.

Fast forward a few years into the world of social media and we think nothing of giving strangers we have never met in real life compliments on how they look and what they are wearing - but how many of you are actually doing it in real life? I imagine, for most people, if someone came up to you and said you looked amazing or asked where something was from you would be a little taken a back. Why would someone randomly tell someone they look amazing? Yet we constantly post pictures on social media for strangers to tell us/ask us the same things. So why aren't more people doing it in real life? When did we stop being nice in real life?

I grew up in a generation that didn't have social media (thank god!). Anytime I saw someone wearing something I loved I had to approach them and ask where they got it from or I would never know. There were no clothes tagged on instagram back then. This meant I grew up never being shy about asking people about their outfits, as well as telling them they look amazing/their look is everything/they are killing it. 

I am all about giving that confidence boost. You never know how much that little comment could change that person's whole day.  I am also all about receiving that confidence boost. If you love something I am wearing or just think I look fabulous in general please tell me. Who doesn't want to hear that?

There has been so much negativity recently regarding Instagram and the drop in interaction. So maybe it is about time we started sharing all that love we like to share on social media in real life. Maybe it is time to take it back 'old school' and compliment people in real life!

Please take the time to stop that person you see everyday, normally admiring their look from afar, to tell them they always look great. Tell someone with amazing hair that they have amazing hair. You love their lipstick? Ask them where it's from. I can assure you not only will you make that persons day, but it will also put a more positive spin on your day. And everyone needs a bit of positivity in their life right now.

Until next time
Jennifer xoxo

Special thanks to my friend Ruth Adams for the amazing piece of original artwork for this blog.